1Workshop: Treatment planning with modern CBCT-Technology by MORITATom Schloss , Jürgen Wollner14:00-18:00Hotel Steigenberger Herrenhof
2Workshop: The perfect application of the dental microscopeDavid Sonntag14.00-18.00Dorotheergasse 12, Ordination Holly/Klimscha
1Endo Circle Training: Arkadenhof 7 Systems a 30 minutes9:00-13:00Palais Ferstel, Arkadenhof
2Lunch Break - Dental Exhibition13:00-14:00Palais Ferstel, Kleiner Ferstelsaal
3Congress Opening14:00-14:15Palais Ferstel, Großer Ferstelsaal
4Perfect Obturation of the root canal systemCarsten Appel14:15 - 15:00Palais Ferstel, Großer Ferstelsaal
5Endodontic Retreatment: raising the bar - sponsored by VDWMario Zuolo15:00 - 16.30Palais Ferstel, Großer Ferstelsaal
6Coffee Break - Dental Exhibition16:30 - 17:00Palais Ferstel, Kleiner Ferstelsaal
7The evidence base - hydraulic calcium silicate cementsJosette Camilleri17:00-17:45Palais Ferstel, Großer Ferstelsaal
8Discussion17:45-18:00Palais Ferstel, Großer Ferstelsaal
9Viennese Heuriger19:30Heurigen Feuerwehr Wagner
1Young Scientist Presentation9:00-10:00Palais Ferstel, Großer Ferstelsaal
2Coffee Break - Dental Exhibition10:15-10:30Palais Ferstel, Kleiner Ferstelsaal
3Continuous rotation or reciprocation? This is the question. From WaveOne to WaveOne Gold: Great improvementsArnaldo Castellucci10:30-12:00Palais Ferstel, Großer Ferstelsaal
4Lunch Break - Dental Exhibition12:00-13:00Palais Ferstel, Kleiner Ferstelsaal
5The use of calcium silicate cements in non-vital immature teeth with pulp involvementMarga Ree13:00-14:00Palais Ferstel, Großer Ferstelsaal
6Coffee Break - Dental Exhibition14:00-14:30Palais Ferstel, Kleiner Ferstelsaal
7CBCT in Endodontic Surgery - 3D Diagnostics, Treatment planning and Evaluation of HealingTom Schloss14:30-15:30Palais Ferstel, Großer Ferstelsaal
8Coffee Break - Dental Exhibition15:30 - 16:00Palais Ferstel, Kleiner Ferstelsaal
9CBCT in endodontic diagnostics: Pre- and postoperative radiological assessment of the tooth root and periapical regionStefan F. Nemec16:00 - 17:00Palais Ferstel, Großer Ferstelsaal

Presentation of the best works submitted by young scientists on the subject of Endodontics Price Dotation of 6.000,- Euro

Abstract submission to vienna2018@endocongress.at until September 1, 2018

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Endodontie Programm 2018 Deutsch

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Endodontie Program 2018 English

Registration Fee

Pre-registration till September 6, 2018

Registration and Paymentbefore sept, 9, 2018before nov, 11, 2018OnSite
Members of OGEndo320,- €370,- €430,- €
Members of a ESE Partner Society370,- €420,- €480,- €
Non Members470,- €520,- €580,- €
Dental Students100,- €130,- €190,- €
Young Scientist(Abstract)200,- €200,- €200,- €
Dinner-Party at Feuerwehr Wagner (Friday)45,- €
Daily Access Pass
270,- €270,- €
Endo Circle Training, 7 December 2018
special price (only in combination with congress registration)150,- €
PRE-CONGRESS, 6 December 2018
Workshop: Treatment planning with CBCT-Technology (only in combination with congress registration)150,- €
Workshop: Application of the dental microscope (only in combination with congress registration)150,- €

Endo Circle Training

Try it!

Different endodontic instruments and devices in a circle training set up.

Participants will have the opportunity to experience all the relevant endodontic

systems of instrumentation during this hands-on-course.

Compare the effectiveness & comfort and find your individual preference (FKG, Kerr, Komet, Mani, Maillefer, SAF, VDW).