Alan Holland

Alan Holland

Alan Holland

    Curriculum vitae

    Alan Holland LDS RCS, BChD, M.Sc. is the principal Endodontic Specialist at the Bristol Endodontic Clinic. After graduating at Leeds Dental School in 1978,he worked in general practice before taking his advanced restorative dentistry in 1981 at the Eastman Dental Institute.

    One of the most experienced endodontists and opinion leaders in the UK, Alan has been taking endodontic referrals since 1991 and was the first private practitioner to use an operating microscope. His previous experience in advanced restorative practice ensures he is sympathetic to the needs of his referrers and their final restoration. He has lectured nationally and internationally, authored several articles, and worked in television and radio. A former hands-on tutor at the Bristol Dental Hospital he has run many practical endodontic courses throughout the UK. In 1999 he was accepted on to the GDC Specialist Endodontic register and runs regular seminars at the Bristol Endodontic Clinic.

    He has also developed Dentavital a range of dental supplements aimed at providing support for Endodontics, Periodontics and Implant Surgery. An early convert to CT scanning he has been using the Carestream 9000 CBCT machine for over 3 years and it has now become an essential tool in diagnosing and treating his endodontic referrals.



    Lecture – Main Program

    3D in Endodontics


    The CBCT has revolutionised endodontic diagnosis and is now an essential tool

    in the armamentarium of the specialist endodontist.

    I will discuss the justification for regular use in Endodontic practice with multiple

    examples of the diagnostic capabilities of the 3D scanning tools and some of its

    wider applications in dentistry.

    The limitations of periapical radiography in diagnosis and the implications for

    endodontic treatment in the future.