David Sonntag

David Sonntag

David Sonntag


    2018: Appointed Professor (extracurricular), Heinrich Heine University Düsseldorf (HHU)
    Since 2010:

    • Head, Master Degree Course in Endodontology, HHU
    • Chief Resident, HHU
    • Endodontologist in private practice

    2008: Habilitation, Philipps University of Marburg
    Since 2005: Specialist in endodontology, German Society of Endodontology & Dental Traumatology (DGZ) / German Society of Conservative Dentistry (DGET)
    2001: Graduation
    1998: State examination



    The perfect application of the dental microscope

    Systematic diagnosis and structured treatment are of key importance to success in endodontic therapy.

    Visualizing the most minute details, efficient dental microscopes offer novel diagnostic and therapeutic options. In particular, the upstream filters in the modern surgical microscope Extaro 300 facilitate visual control to an unprecedented extent.

    With a focus on the single-handedly operated Extaro 300, and based on numerous examples, the lecture intends to emphasize the relevance of safe surgical microscope application in the fields of diagnosis and treatment.

    Without teamwork and correct patient positioning, any endodontic treatment may prove to be tedious and difficult. A focus of the practical part of the course is thus on team collaboration in dealing with the microscope.

    Topics of the practical seminar

    • How to optimally position patients in the treatment of maxillary and mandibular teeth
    • How to save half the time with the aid of systematic teamwork among treating physicians and assistants
    • How to systematically and safely pass on mirrors, endodontic handheld utensils and other instruments
    • How to arrange your workplace in terms of ergonomic convenience
    • How to develop your own strategies to optimize treatment