George Sirtes

George Sirtes

George Sirtes

    Curriculum vitae

    George Sirtes graduated and received his doctorate from the University of Bern in Switzerland.

    As a GP since 2000, he maintains a private practice in Zurich which focuses on endodontology and microsurgery.

    As of 2003 he is a clinical instructor in the Endodontic Division at the University of Zurich in Switzerland.

    Since 1996 he is working intensively and almost exclusively with the dental microscope. His treatment modalities range from composite fillings and fixed prosthodontics to implantology and

    sinus lift procedures.

    Between 1999-2002 he was a consulting dentist in the development of the high-end ProErgo surgical operating microscope ( Zeiss company, Oberkochen, Germany ).

    Dr. George Sirtes has published and lectured on various facets in endodontology nationally and internationally. Additionally he has lectured on ergonomics and workflow in the multidisciplinary use of the dental microscope (DM).

    He is a member of numerous national and international dental associations, i.e. AAE, ESE, ESMD and SSE.



    Workshop – Precongress

    Enhancing ergonomics and workflow in the multidisciplinary use of the DM


    Since the 90s, one of the most important revolutions in dentistry was the introduction of the dental microscope (DM). This introduction had an important influence on the human-machine interface

    (Ergonomics) such as configuration of the working place and the microscope, the right position of the patient, the dentist and his/her assistant. We should adapt our working technique, the

    assistance and our handling of instruments when working with the dental microscope whilst decreasing neck, back and eye strain.

    In this lecture and course we will describe and train the following topics:

    1. Configuration of the working place and the microscope, as well as the arrangement of the instruments around the working place and the microscope.
    2. Correct dentist position.
    3. Correct patient position for treatment in lower jaw and upper jaw. Different positions of the patients head during treatment with the dental microscope in non-surgical and surgical interventions.
    4. Correct position and assistance of the dental assistant during 4- or 6-handed dentistry.
    5. Various hands-on exercises.