Julian Webber

Julian Webber

Julian Webber

    Curriculum vitae

    Dr Julian Webber, BDS, MS, DGDP, FICD qualified from Birmingham Dental School. A recipient of the prestigious Charles Freeman Scholarship of the American Dental Society of Europe, he was the first UK dentist to achieve a Master of Science degree in endodontics (Northwestern University Dental School, Chicago, USA). Dr Webber has held teaching positions both at Guy’s Hospital and at the Eastman in London, at the same time maintaining a practice limited to endodontics in Harley Street in Central London. Dr Webber has written for numerous journals and textbooks on endodontics, is the editor-in-chief of Endodontic Practice journal and has lectured worldwide teaching general dentists and endodontists modern endodontic skills.

    He is the co inventor of Dentsply Maillefer’s WaveOne launched in 2011 and the latest version, WaveOne Gold both single NiTi files for use in reciprocation.



    Lecture – Main Program

    Shaping Canals with Confidence


    Preparation of the root canal and its final shape is the cornerstone for adequate cleaning and effective three dimensional obturation, thus fulfilling the biological and mechanical objectives for success in endodontics. The use of Nickel Titanium mechanical endodontic instruments has changed forever the way we prepare our canals and their advantages are many. However, many colleagues are reluctant to embrace the technology on the basis that techniques are too complicated, too many instruments are required to achieve the desired outcome and the attendant cost of this is prohibitively expensive.

    Dentsply Maillefer’s WaveOne launched in 2011 was specifically designed as a SINGLE Nickel Titanium instrument to shape canals utilizing a reverse reciprocating motion with minimal prior enlargement of the canal required. Enlargement of the Glide Path is the perfect set up for any reciprocating shaping technique. Dentsply Maillefer’s ProGlider is the perfect instrument for this.

    WaveOne Gold is the latest iteration of WaveOne exhibiting advanced gold metallurgy, optimised tip diameters, tapers and an altered cross section that produces a file that really improves safety, efficiency and flexibility when shaping canals. In over 80% of cases treated only a single WaveOne Gold file is needed thus reducing the number of instruments in any given sequence to an absolute minimum. WaveOne Gold takes simplicity and treatment success to another level.

    Simplified three dimensional obturation of the root canal system is now available to all dentists using Gutta Core which is manufactured using cross linked polymer chemistry to produce a core of gutta percha coated with gutta percha (unlike the plastic carrier of Thermafil).

    General dentists and endodontists will benefit from Dr Webber’s incredible experience as a world-renowned clinical endodontist, which spans more than 30 years.


    Learning objectives:

    – The importance of Glide Path management and pre enlargement with Dentsply Maillefer’s ProGlider

    – Use single file nickel titanium reciprocating WaveOne Gold instruments to confidently shape many canals

    – Understand the importance of irrigation and how to enhance it

    – Predictably fill root canal systems efficiently with warm gutta percha obturation techniques using Gutta Core