Katarina Beljic-Ivanovic

Katarina Beljic-Ivanovic

Katarina Beljic-Ivanovic

    Curriculum vitae

    Dr Katarina Beljic-Ivanovic, DDS, MSc, Spec, PhD
    Associate Professor in Restorative Odontology and Endodontics, School of Dental Medicine, University of Belgrade
    Current positions:

    • Member of the Serbian Medical and Dental Association, Balkan Stomatological Society (BaSS) and ESE.
    • Secretary of the Executive Board of the Serbian Endodontic Society.

    Dr Beljic-Ivanovic is co-author in the Serbian translation of the “Textbook Endodontology” – “Endodontologija”, has published 16 articles in international and national refereed journals, presented 28 scientific and clinical papers at international and national conferences, symposiums and congresses. She moderates and co-ordinates hands-on endodontic courses, and is recognized lecturer for continuing education and professional development.
    Dr Katarina Beljic-Ivanovic is specialized in the use and application of CBCT technique and technology in endodontics, both in research and endodontic treatment of complicated clinical cases with complex root canal anatomy.



    Lecture – Main Program

    CBCT and Complex Root Canal Anatomy- Diagnosis, Report, Therapy


    Cone-beam computed tomography (CBCT) or Digital volumetric tomography (DVT) is the greatest “break-through” in dental imaging technology of 21st century, primarily because for the first time a practitioner can use harmless radiographic system as a powerful tool to visualize any area of interest in all three planes, obtaining 3D images.

    The lecture presents CBCT series of images and detailed analysis of various morphological groups of teeth, with particular accent on the mandibular premolars and maxillary molars, in both extracted teeth and clinical cases with unusual and complex root and root canal anatomy, relation and special orientation of the roots to surrounding anatomical structures, and interrelationship among canals inside the multi-canal roots. The significance of the canal orifice geometry, number, location and dimension of the apical foramen/foramina and their impact on the working length determination, development and treatment plan of various periapical and periradicular pathosis is pointed out. Incidence/frequency of the anatomical modalities in maxillary molars and mandibular premolars in Serbian population, that has been studied throughout two last decades, with special interest on teeth with fused roots, is showed in details, with its impact on the difficulties and possible complications during operative procedures and root canal instrumentation, focusing on important stages of endodontic therapy, treatment outcome and follow ups of different types of endodontic pathology. Throughout the lecture the stress is put on the wide abilities of CBCT and its software to acquire and reveal “hidden” details of interest for clinical endodontics, like overlooked and un-instrumented canals, and what the report of all those findings should contain.