Kerstin Galler

Kerstin Galler

Kerstin Galler

    Curriculum vitae

    Prof. Dr. med. dent., Ph.D., senior Chief Doctor at the Polyclinic for Restorative Dentistry and Parodontology, divisional management Endodontology.
    Study of Dentology at the LMU Munich from 1994-2000, assistantship in the independent practice, promotion to Dr. med. dent. 2002. Scientific staff at the Polyclinic for Restorative Dentistry and Parodontology, University clinic Regensburg 2002-2004, Post-Doc at Texas Health Science Center at Houston, USA, 2004-2006; Ph.D. in Biomedical Engineering at the Rice University, Houston, USA, 2006 – 2009. Return to the Polyclinic for Restorative Dentistry and Parodontology in Regensburg in 2009, Completion of the Habilitation and Chief Doctor in 2011. Appointment as Professor for Endodontology at the University Regensburg, Polyclinic for Restorative Dentistry and Parodontology, in August 2015. Deputy clinic management since Feburary 2016.
    Scientific main focus: Revitalisation, Regeneration of the dental Pulp, Dental Pulp stem cells, Funktionalization of Hydrogel-biomaterials für applications in the range of Tissue Engineering



    Lecture – Main Program

    Advances in endodontic tissue regeneration


    During an initial root canal treatment vital pulp tissue is replaced by a synthetic material, and the physiological tissue functions gets lost. This is especially problematic in teeth with incomplete root development. Research on pulpal tissue shows that the regeneration of vascularized tissue in the root canal is possible and even formation of tubular dentin can be achieved.
    Case reports indicate that in teeth with incomplete root development, regeneration of the pulp tissue and a further increase in root length is possible, after provocation of internal hemorrhaging in the root canal.

    The “revitalization” in teeth with incomplete root formation after pulp necrosis represents an alternative treatment method for apexification. Biology-based concepts are currently increasingly included in clinical treatment protocols. Suggested procedures are also presented by international endodontic specialist societies. In this presentation, concepts are presented and summarized for pulpal regeneration. The recent findings on treatment protocol and prognosis of revitalization are discussed.