Zvi Metzger

Zvi Metzger

Zvi Metzger

    Curriculum vitae

    Prof. Zvi Metzger graduated from the Hebrew University School of Dental Medicine in Jerusalem in 1970. Since 1973 he has been on the faculty at the Tel Aviv University School of Dental Medicine, where he served as Dean in the years 1987-1991. Prof. Metzger was Chairman of the National Board of Endodontics in Israel and Chairman of the Israeli Endodontic Society (2000-2002). He was an Associate Professor of Oral Biology and Professor of Endodontology at Tel Aviv University.
    Prof. Metzger was a visiting fellow at the National Institute of Dental Research, NIH, Maryland (1978-1981) and a visiting professor at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (1995-1996). He served as Director of Research Laboratories (1981-2009) and recently (2008-2012) as Chairman of the Department of Endodontology at the School of Dental Medicine at Tel Aviv university, where serves now as Professor Emeritus. He retains a private endodontic practice in Tel Aviv.


    Workshop/Interactive Lecture – Precongress

    The Self-adjusting File (SAF) System: a comprehensive update, with live demonstration and interactive discussion


    This session will include a comprehensive update on the Self-adjusting File (SAF) System and its scientific background and clinical application, presented with live demonstrations of each of the topics below. Discussion will be interactive, with the audience invited to take an active part in it.

    The topics to be covered will include: (1) The concept of Minimally Invasive Endodontics, (2) The new mini-ENDOSTATION and its use and application, (3) Structure and function of the SAF file, (4) The SAF function in oval and in curved canals, (5) Avoiding micro-cracks in endodontically-treated roots, by using the SAF System,(6) The SAF as an effective and safe irrigation system, (7) Effective obturation of oval canals, (8) Effective re-treatment with the SAF System and (9) The new clinical protocol for the SAF System.

    The session will be suitable for both experienced SAF users and for those who have no previous knowledge of this innovative system. The participants will be provided with reading material in the form of a recently published review on this innovative topic.


    Lecture – Main Program

    Apical periodontitis: Biological function and futuristic treatment


    The immuno-biological nature of apical periodontitis will be discussed, as a basis for understanding of the development, function and healing of periapical lesions. The process of healing of the lesion after traditional treatment will be discussed and explained, as well as the reasons for failure to heal of some of the lesions. Two futuristic approaches to enhance the healing of periapical lesions will be presented, based on the above knowledge: one based on pharmacological intervention and one on minimally invasive enucleation of the lesion through a root canal approach.